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RungePincockMinarco Ltd has a range of industry leading software products focused predominantly on coal mine scheduling and optimisation and including Xpax, Talpac, Haulnet, Haulsim and financial modelling solution Xeras and Xact.

XPAC began in 1981 as a pioneer of coal mine scheduling software and developed into an industry leading scheduling tool. It has an exceptional reputation and is widely used, predominantly in coal mine planning.

1985 – Xpac 1, released as a product. Developed in Fortran running on DOS.

1995 – Xpac-6 AutoSheduler module. Rules based scheduling with heuristic blending algorithm. Useful for metals mines. Original fortran base and continued to run in a DOS shell.

1998 – Full rewrite. Windows compatible, 3D graphical display. Geological and Quality data incorporated into the scheduling model to provide underground coal scheduling capability.

2003 – Xpac destination scheduler – materials destinations resulting in a reduction in waste removal costs.

2012 – Xpac 7.12 User interface upgrade – split screens and drag and drop toolbars. Improved 3D graphics.

Company History

Runge Ltd (now RungePincockMinarco Ltd) was formed in 1977 by Ian Runge. In 1986 Tony Kinnane joined the company and held the position of MD from 1991 with Mr Runge as Chairman until Mr Runge’s retirement in 2007 and Mr Kinnane’s retirement in 2011.

RungePincockMinarco Ltd is a multidisciplinary mining and energy consulting group.

Allan Brackin was appointed Chairman in 2011 and Richard Mathews appointed Managing Director in 2012.

Runge Mining grew significantly via acquisition to the size it is today with 18 locations in 12 countries. Key acquisitions included:

Pincock Allen and Holt, acquired 2005. Based in Denver Colorado, founded in 1968. Multidisciplinary mining and energy consulting business.
Minarco-MineConsult, acquired 2007. Asia Pacific based group formed through merger of Minarco Asia Pacific (founded 1996) and MineConsult (founded 1991) in 2006.
RungePincockMinarco was listed on the ASX in May 2008.

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