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Mining engineers Yaohong D. Jiang – Phd and Nancy Liu – M.Sc, founded Threedify Inc. in Ottawa, Canada in 2009 and are focused on developing products based on deep knowledge of the mining domain and excellence in software design.

Threedify develops industry leading modelling tools for geology and mine planning professionals across the world. The Threedify tools are easy to use with modern three D graphics. They are affordable for both mining organisations and consultants aiming to use ThreeDify’s tools to uncover additional value in their clients projects.

ThreeDify gains excellent feedback from its customers reflecting the ease of use, excellent technical support and affordability. This combined with the technical strengths such as speed of pit and stope optimisation and Dynamic Anisotropy interpolation will add value to projects and help technical professionals differentiate their services.

Feedback from ThreeDify customers

“GeoModeler is easy to use, and can handle large amounts of data and run effective block model processing techniques to determine realized mineral assets and potential upside.”

“Our clients demand solid reliable results suitable for rolling out the budget forecast and the “what if’’ scenarios … ThreeDify software has given us a competitive edge in doing so “

“I have been impressed not only with this software but also the support …”

“I have been impressed by the software functionality. The 3D surface plot suited my needs perfectly. I also found the technical support to be great. I rarely find somewhere else with such fast and helpful communication as ThreeDify.“

ThreeDify Products

GeoModeler – High performance geology and block modelling tool

  • Innovative 64-bit Linear Octree based hybrid modeling kernel that models large and complex multi-body ore deposits.
  • Models folded and deformed ore-bodies with its state-of-art Dynamic Anisotropy interpolation system that allows the search volume to be calibrated to follow the trend of the mineralization precisely.

FlowPit – Ultra-fast, 4D LOM pit optimizer/scheduler

  • A modern new implementation of the Lerchs Grossman algorithm.
  • For small block models (approx. 1 million non-air blocks), FlowPit takes seconds to complete. 15-30 million blocks <30 minutes. 100m non air blocks <3 hours (modern i7 PCs equipped with 32gb ram).

QuickPit – Rapid, pit design

Build a complete pit or dump design with ramps in a matter of minutes.

  • Greatly simplified workflow that automates the traditional pen-and-paper pit design process using bench contours.
  • Powerful incremental pushback/dump creation tool combined with history-based undo/redo allows rapid evaluation of designs.
QuickPit from innovation leader Threedify

Stopemizer – Delivers the optimal solution

  • Uniquely based on Lerchs Grossman algorithm adapted for underground mining.
  • Incorporates geotechnical constrains such as hanging wall and footwall angles, pillar sizes and positions, as well as the locations of draw points.

Excel CoreBlock – Excel add-in with quick and easy Drillhole viewer and ore reserve estimator

An innovative Microsoft Excel add-in that includes a 3D drillhole data visualizer and a simplified mineral resource estimator. With CoreBlock, you can communicate drilling and resource estimates to stakeholders quickly and effectively

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ThreeDify Inc.

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P: 1 613 454 5327
Toll Free CAN & USA: 1-877-453-0656

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