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Mining Safety Management Software, Compliance, Training and Rosters in a single integrated Microsoft Cloud solution.

PeopleTray safety software provides the all the requirements for mining safety and risk management in an integrated managing system that includes Safety, Compliance, Training, Rosters and mine production management.

The PeopleTray mobile app includes the ability to configure checklists for any purpose including equipment pre-starts, inspections, covid health checks, travel requests and VOC’s.

Mining WHS and OHS software are essential platforms for safe, sustainable exploration and mining operations.

PeopleTray leads the mining industry as an integrated Microsoft Cloud solution from an experience Australian based software development and support team.

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Getting started with PeopleTray is fast. License is monthly subscription.

PeopleTray’s adoption in mining safety and risk management reflects the industry drive for better management of teams that are spread across remote and hazardous locations where capturing mobile safety data as essential for staying connected with your workforce and the need to continually improve is safety, compliance and sustainability.

PeopleTray helps supervisors and managers:

  • Manage safety incidents and hazards, risk assess and record investigations with the best safety software online online for sale on the market.
  • Ensure safety corrective actions are assigned and completed. Maintain a risk register with controls.
  • Manage the licences and certifications your people need to remain compliant for their roles.
  • Manage procedural documents in the document, with documents downloaded automatically to the iOS or Android mobile devices of your workforce.
  • Upload and manage documents such as employment, contractor and project documents.
  • Maintain team member details, including emergency contacts.
  • Ensure a more efficient recruitment process and maintain a pool of candidates to call upon when needed.
  • Manage rosters, with a calendar on mobile, so workers can view their Rosters changes, Flight and Room bookings at any time.

The workflow features of PeopleTray provide the ability for team members to:

  • Submit activity and progress reports and alert supervisors to risks and hazards identified in the field.
  • Request and approve requests for purchases and travel.
  • Submit safety incident and hazard reports.

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