Micromine mining software was founded by Graham Tudor in the late 1980’s, establishing itself firstly as an exploration data management and modelling system. Over time it extended its technical capabilities to compete in the areas of geological modelling, mine planning mine production management and drilling and geoscientific information management.

Micromine extended its product range through the acquisition of the PitRam mine production management system from Ray Ballentyne in the late 1990’s. It also acquired GBIZ (renamed to GeoBank) from BHP’s Ingwe coal mines around the same time, delivering coal based drilling and geoscientific data management.

Micromine services most mining regions globally with sales and support network that includes Micromine’s offices and partner network.

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Micromine Pty Ltd
Level 2, 174 Hampden Road, Nedlands 6009, AUSTRALIA
P: +61 8 9423 9000
E: marketing@micromine.com

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