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Maptek Pty Ltd was founded as KRJA by Robert (Bob) Johnson in 1981, then renamed Maptek in 1992. Head office is in Adelaide, South Australia. Its product Vulcan is one of the premier mine planning systems globally.

Bob Johnson began Maptek in 1981. He has been quoted as saying it was “a good idea in the right place at the right time”. Mr. Johnson’s first modeling work was for Utah Development Company, which was developing open cut coal mines in the Bowen Basin. The opportunity for doing similar work for other mining companies on a consulting basis grew quickly, until in 1981 when Mr. Johnson set up Maptek and began to package and sell the software.

According to Mr. Johnson, Maptek was selling a couple of Vulcan licenses a year through to the late 80’s, then increased significantly when computer prices reduced dramatically. In 2011 the company reported employing about 300 people globally, with 160 in Australia. It had 12 offices, with locations in Chile, Brazil, North America, Johannesburg and across Australia.

Vulcan has evolved into a powerful Geology, My Engineering and Planning tool used widely across the Mining industry. It is recognized as a premium system in regard to price and technical capability. It’s early strengths in block modeling, mine design, and 3D visualization positioned it strongly in the industry, especially for projects with exceptionally large data models (e.g. Iron Ore) and complex design requirements. Vulcan is positioned in the market as specially suited to use by high-end modeling and design professionals.

Maptek is a privately owned company with founder Mr. Johnson continuing as non-executive Chairman and Director and Barry Henderson as MD. While its primary competitors have been acquired by larger organizations, Maptek has continued as an independent organization that partners strategically with other organizations in order to achieve or participate in opportunities for innovation.

Other products by Maptek include:

i-Site: Hardware and software solution for Laser scanning. Maptek has a commercial relationship with Leica Geosystems which sells Maptek’s laser scanners and software under the Leica brand.

In October 2010 Maptek won the TIA Gold Cup for Excellence in Engineering and Commercialisation following the release of the Maptek I-Site 8800 Laser Scanner.

Minisuite: Fleet management, production and reporting package for mining. Mini suite is now sold by Ming which is 50% owned by Maptek.

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