FIFO Management Software

The management of workforce logistics is essential to optimising the performance of mining operations. It impacts mining workforce morale, while also ensuring travel and accommodation resources are used optimally.

There are a range of traditional FIFO roster management tools available.

FIFO software for mining roster, travel and camp management

PeopleTray is the latest mining roster management software. Cloud based, focuses on Mining rosters site, FIFO management and Mining camp management.

PeopleTray – FIFO made easy!
PeopleTray – Mining workforce management. Cloud based integrated, Mobile

Further Reading: Effective FIFO management is essential for many mining operations as it impacts workforce morale, production performance project sustainability, health, safety and ESG. FIFO Management – Read more >>

  • FIFO Management Software
  • Mining Roster Management
  • Mining Camp Management
  • Mining Health, safety and compliance
  • Mine Production Management
  • Mobile Checklists
  • Mine Production Management
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Znadoo – FIFO and Camp management

Mining camp management software
Znadoo – Site plus Workforce Logistics

Balcatta, Western Australia

Myosh – Safety
Myosh – WHS, OHS Safety, Risk Management:
Osbourne Park, Western Australia

MPX software

A leader in Mine Production Reporting >>



InFlight Roster and FIFO Management Software
InControl WHS, OHS Management Software
InTuition, Training Management Software

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