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With the PeopleTray’s mobile checklist software application, it easy to capture meaningful, useful data and information from your team members. It is easy to configure your own checklists and deploy them to your team members. Configure:

  • Checklists for equipment and vehicle prestart checklists
  • Checklists for site inspections
  • Checklist Audits
  • Checklists for JHA’s and Take 5’s.
  • Journey plan checklists
  • Checklists for Activity reports
  • Checklists for technical and customer support enquiries
  • Sales enquiry checklists
    • The PeopleTray checklist app identifies issues and non-conformance and displays them in a list that can be viewed easily so that issues and alerts can be addressed on a daily basis.

View checklist dashboards and produce reports that can be shared with your team members and contractors.

The PeopleTray mobile checklist application software also works offline ensuring check-lists can be captured for team members that have poor or intermittent communications.

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