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acQuire was founded in Perth, Western Australia in 1996 by Mr. Bill Withers. Ms Alison Atkins is MD of acQuire, while Mr. Withers is Chairman of the parent company, Metech Pty Ltd.

The acQuire GIM Suite is widely used for the managing of Geology and Drilling Data for Mining and Exploration projects – Geoscientific Information Management (GIM).

acQuire is widely regarded as the global leader in its field with many of the larger mining groups using acQuire in significant parts of their operations. acQuire was the first product in its class to develop a standard model for Geoscientific data, which has been accepted as a global standard, in exploration, resource development, and mine production. It caters to the natural resources sectors including Metals, Coal, and Energy and also cover the domains of Environment Monitoring, Geophysics and Contract Management.

The GIM Suite product is recognized for its ability to configure its application to meet the requirements of any project, while maintaining its standard model at the core. The acQuire data model ‘governs’ project data quality of exploration, resource development, and production.

acQuire provides a global technical support network, learning courses, and a standardized process for software implementation. All in support of geoscientific information management that is consistent and supportable.

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acQuire Technology Solutions Pty Ltd
26 Kintail Road, Applecross
Western Australia 6153

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