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  • Quick glossary: Hybrid cloud December 12, 2017
    Hybrid cloud technology is becoming a standard model for many modern enterprises, but the terminology can be difficult to fathom. This glossary of 25 hybrid cloud terms will help you gain an understanding of the fundamentals of this important information technology infrastructure. From the glossary: For enterprises around the world, cloud computing has changed the […]
  • Cloud migration decision tool December 7, 2017
    Many IT and business leaders are weighing the pros and cons of moving applications to the cloud. A number of key factors play into the decision, such as an application’s scalability, security and compliance concerns, and manageability. This simple tool is designed to help you assess the importance of each factor to determine which applications […]
  • Everything as a Service: Why companies are making the switch to SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and more October 30, 2017
    Most organizations enter the market of on-demand IT services with Software as a Service. But in addition to SaaS, companies can now use platforms, infrastructure and more in the cloud, consuming services as needed. With the public cloud services market positioned to grow in the coming years, Tech Pro Research conducted a survey to find […]
  • Cloud security and IoT are the new peanut butter and jelly October 3, 2017
    For enterprises using cloud services with IoT, it's critical to adhere to as many security practices as possible. Experts weigh in on the best approaches to take.
    Christine Parizo
  • Hiring kit: Salesforce developer August 23, 2017
    To get the most out of Salesforce, enterprises must hire employees with the right mix of technical expertise, business acumen, and communication and collaboration skills. This kit includes a job description, sample interview questions, and a basic want ad to help you zero in on the qualities and qualifications you need in a Salesforce developer. […]
  • Survey: What business and IT functions does your company use as a service? August 21, 2017
    Is Everything as a Service the future of business? Tech Pro Research is conducting a survey to find out what services companies are already using, and what they're planning to adopt.
    Amy Talbott
  • How SMBs can maximize the benefits of IoT initiatives August 4, 2017
    IoT isn't just for the big players-in fact, smaller companies often have better agility to implement practical initiatives for both internal operations and commercialized solutions.
    Mary Shacklett
  • Infographic: Companies are turning to hybrid cloud to save money August 4, 2017
    In a recent Tech Pro Research survey, respondents said they chose a hybrid cloud model because they were concerned about the higher cost of on-premises solutions.
    Amy Talbott
  • Hybrid cloud 2017: Deployment, drivers, strategies, and value July 26, 2017
    Hybrid cloud is a familiar concept for most business leaders now, and many are looking to this model as a way to save on hardware costs. In May and June 2017, Tech Pro Research conducted a survey to find out how widespread hybrid cloud adoption is, what factors are important in choosing vendors, and and […]
  • Make sure you're getting the most from your SaaS investment June 16, 2017
    Once companies enlist a SaaS vendor, they often ignore enhancements that could benefit the business. See how to ensure that your organization optimizes the value of its SaaS software utilization.
    Mary Shacklett

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  • Comparison chart: Office suites February 10, 2018
    The modern office suite is a major productivity driver for many enterprises—so the suite your company chooses could have a huge impact on how effective your workers can be. This at-a-glance chart offers a comparison of seven leading contenders based on numerous features and options. More about choosing an office suite: Microsoft Office is not […]
  • Autonomous transportation research: Predicting impact on industries, companies, and personal lives January 31, 2018
    Autonomous transportation isn't just for Silicon Valley startups anymore. As it gains more traction, industries, companies, and individuals are wrestling with the question of whether to embrace the technology or not. In November 2017, Tech Pro Research surveyed 289 professionals about how autonomous transportation fits into their lives. The survey contained the following questions: How […]
  • Comparison chart: Enterprise collaboration tools January 23, 2018
    Online collaboration has become a critical driver in business success—but which tool is the best fit for your organization’s needs? This side-by-side comparison chart will give you a snapshot view of what the major contenders have to offer. More about the tools: Since the launch of Slack in August 2013, real-time workplace communication tools have […]
  • Data classification policy January 18, 2018
    The integrity of sensitive data is vital to the overall success of an enterprise. Unauthorized access to restricted data could risk an organization's existence, so a strong, comprehensive policy is practically mandatory. This sample Data Classification Policy offers a framework and set of procedures to help your organization safeguard its data. From the policy: Introduction […]
  • Ebook: Essential travel tips for business pros January 18, 2018
    Business travel can be stressful and exhausting, but seasoned road warriors know a thing or two about minimizing the hassles and making trips go smoothly. This ebook rounds up advice from professionals who travel regularly on business. From the ebook: After nearly 1,000 nights spent in hotels and hundreds of flights all over the world, […]
  • Cybersecurity in 2018: A roundup of predictions January 15, 2018
    How will the cybersecurity arms race develop in 2018? Experts have made a multitude of predictions, and we have analysed them.
    Charles McLellan
  • Quick glossary: Storage January 10, 2018
    Storage has always been a key aspect of data management in the enterprise. Now, in the era of big data, understanding storage options and technologies has taken on an even greater significance. This glossary offers 30 essential terms that will help you tune up your storage vocabulary. From the glossary: Active:active / active:passive All modern […]
  • Google Drive: Tips and tricks for business professionals January 7, 2018
    The convenience and flexibility of Google Drive have helped organizations increase productivity and improve collaborative processes, but many people don't use the platform to its full potential. This collection of tips will help business pros discover the most efficient ways of getting their work done. From the ebook: The world isn’t yet entirely digital. The […]
  • Cost comparison calculator: G Suite vs. Office 365 January 6, 2018
    G Suite and Office 365 are the leading contenders in the arena of online productivity suites. This calculator tool and pricing breakdown will help you determine how the various plans measure up in cost. We’ve come a long way from the days of visiting user workstations to install software using a pile of floppy disks. […]
  • System update policy December 28, 2017
    To ensure security and stability, it’s critical to have standardized, well-documented practices for installing software updates. This policy offers guidelines for managing the update process, logging changes, and handling backups and device decommissioning. From the policy: Maintaining a regular schedule of updates—as well as applying critical out-of-band patches as vulnerabilities are discovered—is paramount to maintaining […]
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