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  • Putting Azure to work: Tips for IT pros May 7, 2019
    Microsoft Azure offers dozens of cloud-based computing features and services that enable companies of all sizes to run their business on the internet without having to purchase and manage hardware. This ebook looks at several ways to take advantage of Azure, from creating an IoT hub to setting up a home office VPN server. From […]
  • Prepare for serverless computing 2019: IT leaders need more convincing to use serverless computing services April 24, 2019
    The benefits of serverless computing include cost and time savings, development flexibility, and increased performance, to name a few benefits. Is that enough for companies to engage in serverless computing services? Tech Pro Research conducted an online survey in April 2019 to find out. The survey asked the following questions: When does your organization plan […]
  • Serverless computing: A guide for IT leaders March 5, 2019
    Serverless computing is changing the way applications are built, deployed, and consumed. This ebook looks at how this trend is affecting businesses and IT. From the ebook: Serverless architecture is not, despite its name, the elimination of servers from distributed applications. Serverless architecture refers to a kind of illusion, originally made for the sake of […]
  • Top cloud providers 2019: A leader’s guide to the major players February 11, 2019
    Competition in the cloud computing space is heating up this year. This ebook offers a look at the relative merits, advantages, and shortcomings of the most prominent contenders. From the ebook: The top cloud providers for 2019 have maintained their positions, but the themes, strategies, and approaches to the market are all in flux. The […]
  • Kubernetes: A guide for IT pros and business leaders February 11, 2019
    Kubernetes enables the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. This ebook explains why the ecosystem matters, ways to take advantage of it, and how it may contribute to the future of the cloud. From the ebook: Kubernetes is not exactly under-the-radar technology. Kubecon, the main event for Kubernetes in the US, was sold out. […]
  • Vendor comparison: Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud October 1, 2018
    Effectively measuring, contrasting, and comparing the details of products and services offered by Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud requires a systematic and rational approach. This download includes an overview of critical decision factors as well as a simple tool for comparing services and choosing the best vendor for your needs. From the download: Regardless of […]
  • Quick glossary: Cloud platform services September 26, 2018
    For modern businesses, cloud platforms and the services they provide are often the most effective way to establish a competitive advantage. However, the jargon and numerous acronyms associated with cloud platform services tends to be confusing. This quick glossary of 25 common cloud platform terms will help you get a handle on the vocabulary. From […]
  • Vendor comparison: Cloud-based integrated management services September 17, 2018
    Cloud computing systems provide a distinct and measurable competitive advantage, and implementing a successful transformation can reap significant long-term benefits for any enterprise. This download offers comprehensive guidelines and a vendor comparison tool designed to help companies—particularly SMBs—choose the best cloud-based integrated management system for their business. From the guidelines: The benefits of cloud computing […]
  • Digital transformation research report 2018: Strategy, returns on investment, and challenges July 30, 2018
    Digital transformation initiatives and project work continue to expand in companies of all sizes, industries and geographic locations as the world moves closer to a digital economy. Tech Pro Research conducted surveys in both 2017 and 2018 to see how and where companies are implementing digital technology, the benefits and challenges of digitalization, and how […]
  • Cloud computing policy May 16, 2018
    This policy provides guidelines for secure and effective cloud computing operations to ensure the integrity and privacy of company-owned information. From the policy: The list of advantages to cloud computing includes lowered operational costs, greater technological flexibility, and the ability to rapidly implement new systems or services. Gains in business continuity are an especially noteworthy […]

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  • Cisco Live 2019: Updates and news June 18, 2019
    At Cisco Live 2019, Cisco debuted a series of software enhancements designed to put AI and machine learning deeper into the network. Key features include new network automation and analytics tools that are meant to help enterprise IT teams glean more insights and visibility from network data. Cisco’s developer program DevNet announced an update to […]
  • Hiring kit: Computer Forensic Analyst June 13, 2019
    The typical job duties of a computer forensic analyst involve the examination of electronic equipment ranging from basic USB flash drives to entire enterprise IT infrastructures. Whether it is a personal computer, smartphone, or encrypted hard drive, the analyst’s job is to search, find, and document exactly what information can be gathered from a device. […]
  • Mobile device security policy June 8, 2019
    More and more users are conducting business on mobile devices. This can be due to increases in remote workers, travel, global workforces, or just being on-the-go. This policy provides guidelines for mobile device security needs in order to protect businesses and their employees from security threats. From the policy Summary Mobile devices are commonly used […]
  • WWDC 2019: A guide for business pros June 8, 2019
    Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicked off on June 3 in San Jose, with a keynote presentation from Apple executives announcing a number of new software and hardware updates. Apple CEO Tim Cook and other executives announced significant feature updates and new versions of the company’s operating systems to developers at WWDC, including iOS, […]
  • Quick glossary: Augmented Reality June 7, 2019
    Keeping up with the latest technological innovations in augmented reality requires a thorough understanding of the underlying terminology. This quick glossary explains terms related to augmented reality and various business applications. From the glossary: Augmented reality (AR) technology is starting to catch up to the ambitious dream promised by so many for so long. The […]
  • 16 must-read books on the impact of AI, robotics, and automation June 1, 2019
    AI and robotics are playing a growing a role in business, commerce, and manufacturing, leading to more automation in the workplace. This list of prominent titles offers insights into where we’re headed and how to prepare for the next technological revolution. From the list: The Robots Are Coming!: The Future of Jobs in the Age […]
  • Prescriptive analytics research report 2019: Tech leaders open to emerging technology May 29, 2019
    Prescriptive analytics goes a step beyond advanced data analytics options such as descriptive or predictive analytics, by not only anticipating what will happen and when but why something will happen and recommends actions to take based on those predictions. By acting on these insights, companies can maximize opportunities, mitigate risk, and gain a competitive advantage. […]
  • Feature comparison: E-commerce services and software May 23, 2019
    For modern businesses, e-commerce is the common mechanism by which products and services are made available to a worldwide marketplace. Deploying the best e-commerce solution for your business will require a thorough examination of your current business needs and a clearly documented assessment of features and tools. These guidelines and the accompanying Excel tool will […]
  • 3D printing: A comprehensive guide for business leaders May 22, 2019
    3D printing is revolutionizing the way products are designed and produced, and its impact has spanned manufacturing, medicine, and entrepreneurship. This ebook offers an in-depth look at how it works, how it’s being used, and how it may affect your business. From the ebook: 3D printing transforms spools of plastic filament or trays of resin […]
  • Network documentation checklist May 16, 2019
    As the number of network-connected devices grows, IT needs a reliable method of keeping track of device info. Erik Eckel advocates using a simple checklist for quick access to the critical details. This basic list will help admins record pertinent information for items such as telecommunications gear, storage infrastructure, and conference room equipment. Overview: Almost […]
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