Mine Production Management Software

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Mine production management Software

MPX is a mine production management software solution developed in Australia and used across a range of surface and underground mining operations of various commodities to report on shift and production performance.

MPX is developed and supported by a team of software engineers, mine production consultants, and mine and exploration geologists. It is a flexible solution to capture, analyse and report the Key Performance Indicators for mine production of any kind.

​The MPX production reporting tools are used by surface and underground miners in Australia, South-East Asia, and Africa.

It has been developed over many years with input from mining professionals – engineers, geologists, managers – with extensive experience in surface and underground mining production reporting at all stages of the project.

The MPX mine production team has industry leading capability in material blending, grade control, and mining reconciliation at any stage of the process – from in situ source data to process plant.

Fundamental to effective production management is the management of the flow of material through stockpiles, and key mining activities such as drill and blast, equipment utilisation, and other activities.

Material movement and equipment data is easily added to the system from a wide variety of sources and mine production workflows. Our graphical data configuration tools make it simple to add data from new sources.

MPX has an extensive library of out-of-the-box reports as well as tools to create the necessary custom reporting that every operation needs.

Use the standard suite of production dashboards and configure new dashboards to meet your special production management and reporting requirements.

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