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Brexit European Union – a reflection on humanity

The UK voted today to leave the EU. Opinions range from fear and disappointment to ‘couldn’t give a rat’s’. There is a lot of uncertainty about what happens next, but technically …

“It’s likely to involve invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which is the document that governs the European Union. “The catch is, there will probably be a huge debate on when to trigger this,” Mr Goss said. This is because invoking Article 50 essentially starts the clock on negotiations, giving the UK and the European Union two years to come to an agreement on a future relationship.
“It’s a divorce negotiation essentially, a very complicated one,” Mr Goss said.”

As always, the weight of global expert opinion is reflected decisively in the markets. Initially, the FTSE was down sharply, but late in the day is only down 2%. The markets say the bigger losers are France – CAC 40, and Germany DAX. Both down a ‘modest’ 5%.

Brexit markets

UK must negotiate its exit and that will take time and will be a tough process. The EU leaders will be keen to send a message to other member states, that exiting will be very painful.

Nevertheless, the decision charges EU political contenders with a weapon for fostering hysteria, destabilization and change.

From a humanistic perspective, the vote is a reflection of the extent that communities value their culture and independence over a stable long-term economy. In other words, culture and sense of national identity trump stability and wealth. Humans prefer the risk of hardship as an identifiable community – over security and stability where national boundaries and identify are blurred. It has been written into our genes over 2.8m years since we first started using tools. Strong communities competed and survived. Weak communities withered and died. It might not sit well with us, but nature dictates this gives us the best chance of long-term survival and is a potent fuel for innovation and adaptation.

Security and safety are not what we seek. Rather – we prefer interesting times, and when life becomes too comfortable we seek out risk and adventure in a bid to forge the next innovation and make our short lives a wild ride.

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