Mine Planning Software Review Feb 16

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Mine Design and Scheduling software review – February 2016

John Chadwick of International Mining Magazine presents his latest review of a selection of Mine Planning and Scheduling solutions including:

  • GeoMine – latest iteration of the Threedify offering.
  • Datamine (Constellation Software) and new geostatistical tools resulting from collaboration with Geovariances.
  • Geovariances advances in their new generation mineral resource product, Minestis.
  • Surpac with major performance improvements in block modelling.
  • Vulcan from Maptek, with a new Pit Design tool and inclusion of 3D-Dig in its product offering.
  • Carlson software and their improved Haul Truck Cycle Analysis.
  • Minesight with a lease licence initiative, and update on their Athena .
  • Leapfrog and its continued innovation in 3D modelling.

The article also includes:

  • An update on Scheduling technology trends from Peter Mokos of AMC.
  • Promine founder explores the issues involved in selecting software for a project.


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