Challenges of Software Startups

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Why Environmental Health, Safety & Sustainability Software Vendors Failing?

Article by Neno Duplan, CEO of Locus Technologies

An interesting piece from Neno Duplan, not so much in the conclusions, but in the range of information presented. The article reminds us that the business of software is complex. Heading into a startup project or acquiring a software business is fraught with risk. A lot of investment decisions are made with a poor understanding of the real and relevant aspects of the business landscape and key business hurdles and success factors.

Investment and startup decisions are not so much about knowing the business of software. They are about having a deep understanding of the industry and sectors at which the products are aimed. So often software investment is based on what ‘can be done’ versus what ‘should be done’. What should be done is a more difficult conversation and requires a traditional strategic analysis. Not (in the first instance at least) a design concept and estimate of the time and cost to build a product like safety software.

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