Latest geological modelling and evaluation trends

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Leapfrog, GoCad and acQuire Technologies in the spotlight.

Ian Glacken, Director – Optiro, discuses the latest trends in Geological modelling and Engineering evaluation. ARANZ Leapfrog technology continues to lead in innovation in geological modelling innovation, while GoCad from Paradigm is also providing a new alternative with a product that focused on sparse geology data, informed by dense localised geophysical data typical of petroleum projects.

Ian talks about the geological risks associated with projects and reflects on the importance of efficiently comparing alternative models and the value of peer reviews where modelling assumptions are challenged.

The increasing confidence that the industry has project data is also highlighted. David Stephens recent Austmine article brings attention to the importance of confidence in corporate data and highlights the influence of acQuire’s GIM solutions in providing a global model for Geoscientific Information management that is synonymous with trusted data from capture in the field to resource modelling and corporate reporting.

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