Microsoft screams Cloud to Partners

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Just about everyone is conscious of the change in our lives caused by the ‘Cloud’ and cloud applications. From storing family files and photos on a cloud service, to using cloud applications such as Google’s Docs, Sheets and Slides applications. Most people have their phone contacts syncing with a cloud service and many businesses are developing new applications using the ever maturing cloud development platforms.
One thing that seems a normal part of life is the constant and accelerating change in the tools available us to (hopefully) enhance our personal and collective lives.

But the cloud in its different manifestations brings bigger challenges to business, simply because it is massively disruptive. Even to the point that some (especially new) businesses will realise big new opportunities as a result while others may decline or even disappear.

A key barometer of the business mood in relation to the Cloud is the feedback that Microsoft’s partners are receiving from their customers around the globe.

The message at the July 2014 Microsoft World Wide Partners Conference, Washington D.C. was that:

[fullwidth menu_anchor=”MSScreams” backgroundcolor=”#a7d686″ backgroundimage=”” backgroundrepeat=”no-repeat” backgroundposition=”left top” backgroundattachment=”scroll” bordersize=”2px” bordercolor=”#dd8500″ paddingTop=”10px” paddingBottom=”10px”]

Attendees need to switch their businesses to the Cloud urgently, or else risk obsolescence and market defeat.

“You need to get on this train. This market is being made now,” a vehement and adrenaline-drenched Kevin Turner — Microsoft’s COO — said during a WPC keynote, adding that Microsoft doesn’t have enough partners selling its cloud services anywhere in the world.[/fullwidth]


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