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Mining Patch Associates have partnered with Locomote to promote and support Locomote in the West Australian market.

Tony Hampton of Mining Patch Associates said that Locomote is a modern new mining software solution that helps companies manage and control their travel activities, ensuring that all travel is properly approved, that policy is followed and that alternatives to travel are considered prior to booking  flights.

Mr Hampton, previously MD of Cube Consulting and the InFlight rostered travel system, said that Locomote is a modern new tool that ensures that all team members follow a consistent, transparent process for requesting and approving travel. For travel approvers and arrangers it keeps travel plans, approvals and bookings organised in an easy to use system. It ensures that travellers comply with company policy, and ensures that the best fare is visible to the traveller and approver prior to the booking decision. Managers and Finance are able to review any travel decision, including the discussion notes and price alternatives.

Hr Hampton says that as soon as the team is aware of the visibility of their travel decisions they will naturally be mindful of ensuring that travel is essential, that alternatives such as Web meeting have been considered and that the lowest fare option was presented to the approver and traveller prior to booking.

Stella Leevers, WA manager of Plan B travel, has been using Locomote to manage her major accounts for around two years, including World Vision. Ms Leevers says that as a Travel Consultant she loves the way that Locomote provides simple tools for managing communication between herself, the traveller and the travel approver. She said that she uploads the different travel options, and receives instructions on which scenario to book from within an easy to navigate web interface. She said navigating a history of disconnected emails and purchase order documents is a thing of the past with Locomote.

Deasil Industries Director Dean Weinman says that in the first year of using Locomote it reduced Deasils travel expenditure was reduced by 15%, and helped the business keep a focus on managing the cost of travel. Dean said that Locomote ensures that policy is followed and Duty of Care is met, especially when travelling overseas.

Mr Hampton said that Locomote is one of a new breed of Cloud based mining software systems that is easier to set up and begin using the traditional systems. He said the Software as a Service model allows travel managers to set the system up within a couple of days, and pay a small fee for each booking or approval.

More information on Locomote mining software solution can found at the Locomote Website, or at

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