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Review of the leading exploration and mine production software used by the global mining industry. Using the best mine management software is essential to achieving exploration success and unlocking the value of mining projects. Critical requirements for any exploration and mining project are:

Geological data management

At the outset of geological investigation it is essential to ensure all the geology data collected is valid, follows best practice processes and is stored in a robust geological database. The accumulation of trusted, searchable data is the foundation of value building for any exploration and mining project. Loss of data, or lack of ability to retrieve and view data hinder the discovery and resource development process, and may lead to loss of shareholder value.

The acQuire GIM solution is a leader in geology data management.

Technical software for exploration, resource development and mine planning

in the late 1980’s a number of startups began building mine management software tools to support the processes of exploration, mineral resource development and mine planning. Products range from 2D GIS/mapping data to 3D modelling and viewing and statistical analysis. The right mine management software tools for any project will depend on the geological and mining setting, the technical and analytical challenges associated with the project, and the types of experience of the team and available consulting expertise.

Mine production software reporting

One of the biggest challenges of is consistency of production, and trusted, ‘single source of truth’ production reporting. Despite the many data capture systems available, reporting of production that senior management can agree and rely on is still a challenge for many projects. MPX mine management software is the leader in this space.

FIFO and workforce management for mining

Exploration and mining workforce management involves unique challenges. Work is often done in hazardous environments, where training, compliance and procedures are essential to safe operations. Workers spend significant time away from family. Two way communication, data and document sharing are essential for:

  • Safety and risk management
  • Workforce training and compliance
  • Workforce rostering, travel and accommodation
  • Mobile data capture from workers
  • Task management

Many mine management systems have evolved in the workforce management space for mining and contracting. PeopleTray is considered a leader as an integrated Cloud management solution with a unique mobile strategy that provides a platform for connecting the team, data capture, and support of workers.

Metallurgical Accounting Software

Track and report metallurgical production and inventory using the MAX metallurgical accounting software. Processing plant management and performance reporting. MAX is modern web-based metallurgical accounting software designed to support the recording, storing and retrieval of metallurgical processing data, plant operation and metallurgical plant availability data, suitable for metallurgical accounting across a wide range of commodities.

ESG – Environment Social and Governance management

The concept of ESG has been around since a 2006 United Nations report on responsible investing. Since then it has brought a focus on the responsibilities of organisations in higher levels of risk management and social responsibility. The importance of ESG varies across industries as well as the maturity and size or organisations.

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