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About Mining

Mining drives more than 45% of world GDP. Value is created by following best practices combined with business and technical innovation.

Software technology is a key driver of value as it enhances value through discovery, modelling and planning. It also supports the management of people and assets operating in disparate, hazardous locations and binds people together through information sharing and communication.

This site provides information that helps innovators to advertise their products and helps industry professionals review and select the tools they need to make their projects succeed.

Industry participants are encouraged to submit product reviews, academic/technical papers or market commentaries.

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Mine Production Management Software

Mine production management Software MPX is a mine production management software solution developed in Australia and used across a range of surface and underground mining operations of various [...]

Graph databases boosts mining

Graph databases One of the technologies increasingly being discussed among the techno’s and geeks of the mining software community is the potential for graph database technology to provide [...]

Eagles attack drones

Mr Steven told 140 delegates at the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy’s Open Pit Operators’ Conference in Kalgoorlie-Boulder yesterday the introduction of UAVs was the [...]

UK Brexit European Union

Brexit European Union – a reflection on humanity The UK voted today to leave the EU. Opinions range from fear and disappointment to ‘couldn’t give a rat’s’. There is a lot of uncertainty about [...]

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